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"100% PRESENCE, 100% EFFORT, 100% SMILE"

Hypertech's Team Values: 

We need to have good judgment skills in order to communicate well and create an impact. Where curiosity and courage are present, innovation follows. Everything we passionately do for our company is marked by our honesty and selflessness.

JOIN OUR TEAM NOW! Available positions are as follows:



Basic Qualifications:

·    Female, 23-30 yrs.old

·    Graduate of Business Courses. (experience in purchasing or is a plus)

Other Qualifications:

·    Must be diligent and persistent.

·    Can analyze problems and think alternatives.

·    Willing to be trained in canvassing and negotiating with suppliers.



Basic Qualifications:

·    Female, not more than 30 years old

·    Graduate of Accountancy. (passed CPA board exam is a big plus)

Other Qualifications:

·    Computer Literate, knowledgeable in Microsoft Office and tech savvy

·    Flexible, adaptable and conscientious

·    Willing to be trained to all management works

·    With self-initiative and multi-tasking skills



Basic Qualifications:

·     Male, 20-35 yrs.old

·    Graduate of Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. (experience in hands-on plant maintenance is a plus) OR,

·     Graduate of Industrial Technology major in Automotive Technology, Industrial Automation Technology, Mechatronics Technology, Mechanical Technology, Electro-mechanical Process Control Technology or any industrial technology related courses.

Other Qualifications:

·    Can analyze and solve equipment failures, assess required maintenance tools and skills for efficient maintenance of machines and spare parts replacement alternatives.

·  Willing to be trained in maintenance fieldwork and assigned in shifting schedule.

·    Able to follow work instructions of engineers.

·    Experience is not required, but SELF-INITIATIVE definitely is.



Basic Qualifications:

·    Male, 18-35 yrs. old, prefer without big tattoos.

·    Must be a high school graduate with diploma. OR,

·    Must have related INDUSTRIAL skills through TESDA or any vocational schools.

Other Qualifications:

·    Flexible and adaptable

·    Have reading, writing and listening capability.

·    With knowledge in basic math and problem-solving skills.

·    Able to monitor the performance of machine and make common adjustments.

·    Able to operate hand and power tools used in production.

·    Ability to multi-task and learn fast, with attention to detail.

·    Experience in operating industrial machines is an advantage,


Basic Qualifications:

·    Male, 20-30 yrs. old, prefer without big tattoos.

·    Physically fit, with medical certificate

·    Can carry, lift, and transfer heavy items

·    No experience is required

Other Qualifications:

·    Can follow instructions properly

·    Willing to work in shifting schedule

·    Knowledge in basic hand and power tools

·    Flexible, fast learner and adaptable

·    Ready to work in hot industrial temperatures



Basic Qualifications:

·    Male, not more than 35 years old

·    Can operate an assortment of forklift, crane, backhoe and dump truck

·    At least High School Graduate

·    At least 6 months related experience



Basic Qualifications:

·    Female/Male, not more than 35 years old

·    Computer Literate, knowledgeable in AutoCAD

·    Graduate of Civil Engineering, PRC License is not required

Other Qualifications:

·    Must have attention to details

·    Willing to work both in field and office

·    Possess good knowledge in building warehouses

·    Preference will be given to those with related experience.

Interested applicants may download and fill-up the pdf form attached here.
Please scan back the form to
​Must be willing to work in Guiguinto, Bulacan.
We offer an above industry compensation package equivalent to qualifications.
Board and lodging can be provided per case to case basis.
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